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The Creators 

The creators of Mira Mira, Nobby and Sheila Ward have been renovating and creating homes in Melbourne's South Eastern Suburbs for 20 years. 10 years ago they decided to retire and purchased 22 acres of blackberry infested land in Crossover, Victoria.

Originally with plans to retire, build a country home and enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle, Nobby's passion for design soon began to takeover and the restless architectural artist in him would not allow him to sit still. Throwing away all conventional designs and plans Nobby set about creating his own unique brand of retreats where visitors can escape from the mainstream design of other properties and relax at Mira Mira where nothing is normal.

Nobby works from sketches on sheets of paper and he will often be seen scribbling designs on bits of plasterboard and wood as ideas jump in to his head whilst he is working. Like all artists the buildings literally evolve as Nobby works on them.

Partnering Nobby in the development of the buildings, Sheila added her flair and style by bringing Nobby's designs to life through paint and furnishings. Her bold approach to colour and design adds startling effect to each building. To watch her with a paint brush in hand is like watching Pro Hart at work, her houses are her canvas.

The finishing touches to decoration that Sheila meticulously plans means that no matter how many times you visit any of the retreats at Mira Mira you will always see something new and intriguing.

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Mira Mira Fantasy Accommodation
1395 Bloomfield Road, Crossover, Victoria, 3821.
Phone 61 03 5626 7200

email: Carl Ward

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